IQAir Mask

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  IQAir Mask
  IQAir Mask
General Features
Air leak protection SoftSeal prevents air leakage with minimal pressure on facial skin
Filter media Melt-blow cage (PE)
Multi-layer HyperHEPA for PM2.5 and fine particles
Non-woven glass microfiber, medical-grade HyperHEPA material
Breathing valve FeatherValve for CO2 release upon exhalation
Mask structure 3D Filter Dome for space between media and skin
Sealant material Terylene polyester fiber
Product lifespan 3-year shelf-life (recommended)
Product lifecycle

3-day consumable; discard after use
(cannot be cleaned or washed for lifecycle extension)

Color White filter material, gray sealant fabric and logo imprint
Storage temperature

< 70% rel. H, -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to +70°C)
Store in clean, dry bag or pouch in cool environment when not in use 

Operating temperature 4° to 140° F (-20 to +60 °C)