Highest-performing purifiers for dental office environments

No other air purifier provides this level of clean, contaminant-free air specifically for the air quality concerns of dental offices

Quiet New Edition technology

New Edition design made these systems 32% quieter than previous models. And filters now last longer and provide more clean air than ever.

IQAir Dental Series air purifiers feature IQAir New Edition technology that produces an average of 32% less sound across all fan speeds compared to previous generations. This improvement was accomplished by matching IQAir New Edition filter-pleating technology with the New Edition fan and its "fan-in-center" design that places the fan motor between sound-attenuating filters. HyperHEPA filters with New Edition technology in the Dental Series also last 20% longer than before. Also, the New Edition systems generate up to 21% more clean air with no loss of efficiency.

New Edition fan

The fan in IQAir Dental Series systems is so efficient it requires no more electricity than a conventional light bulb.

IQAir Dental Series air purifiers cost very little to operate. They require no more power than a conventional light bulb. At the very heart of these air purifiers is the ultra-efficient, centrifugal, high performance IQAir New Edition fan and its maintenance-free motor. This mechanical powerhouse delivers up to 780 cubic feet of air per minute (without filters) while requiring as little as 27 watts of power at the lowest speed and up to a maximum of 215 watts at the highest speed. As a result, it costs only pennies per day to protect your staff and patients with the most advanced air filtration technology available for dental offices.

3D UltraSeal™

With IQAir’s patented knife-edge-in-groove system, all of the air passing through the air cleaner is filtered, with no bypass.

The efficiency stated for most air cleaners is purely theoretical. Internal leakage drastically reduces the actual efficiency of most air cleaners. IQAir systems feature patented triple-sealing technology. First, a unique process ensures that the filter media is 100% sealed in the filter frame. Second, IQAir’s patented 3D UltraSeal ensures perfect knife-edge-in-groove sealing between filter frame and housing. Third, individual seals on each housing module ensure an airtight housing. As a result, IQAir systems have a total system efficiency that is higher than the theoretical efficiency of conventional air cleaners.

320-degree air exhaust

IQAir’s EvenFlow Diffuser provides a steady supply of clean throughout the environment with less noise and no drafts.

Most air cleaners return filtered air into the environment through a small, noisy outlet that even makes it difficult to communicate. The Dental Series was designed with a 320-degree EvenFlow Diffuser to supply more air in more directions without drafts or noise. Other systems create annoying air drafts and restrict the ability of a system to produce fresh, clean air that can fill the room. The IQAir EvenFlow Diffuser boosts system efficiency by evenly returning cleaned air through a large 320-degree outlet. The wide dispersion pattern allows the Dental Series to produce a high air delivery rate with very little noise.

Moves where it’s needed

IQAir Dental Series systems are easy to move into place wherever you need them in the office or in the waiting area.

The built-in guiding handle on top and sturdy casters on the bottom of the Dental Series air purifiers make them simple to roll around an office or clinic to provide high-performance air purification wherever it is needed. And when not needed, the Dental Series systems are easy to roll into a utility closet or other handy office storage area.

Remote control

Sleek, efficient, handheld remote control for the Dental Series systems makes it easy to use for everyone in the office.

A sleek and efficient handheld remote control makes it easy to manage an IQAir Dental Series air purifier from almost anywhere in the office, treatment room or waiting area. Dentists, assistants and other staff can set the fan speed and even timer controls without touching the system itself. When not in use the remote control fits easily in the recesses on the top of the system, where it can be found again quickly when needed.