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3 Different types of widgets

Depending on your needs, you can create 3 different types of widget:

City widget

City widget

Display either a selected city’s current air quality (e.g., useful for a city’s event listing or travel site), or dynamically change reading based on the viewer's IP address location (e.g., useful for an international or nationwide company or publication website).

City + AirVisual Pro widget (indoor/outdoor)

City + AirVisual Series widget (indoor/outdoor)

Display the contrast between indoor and outdoor conditions in your chosen location using data from an AirVisual Series monitor and its nearest outdoor station – a handy tool for enterprises and organizations who want to be transparent with air quality.

Go to to see how it works.

AirVisual Pro widget

AirVisual Series widget

Display data from an AirVisual Series monitor anywhere.

Increase user engagement

Provide your users with information needed to optimize health and comfort – today, tomorrow, and beyond.


More than local – hyperlocal data right where you are

Since 2015, AirVisual has provided a centralized platform for global and hyperlocal air quality information in real time. Compiled and validated from over 80,000 sensors worldwide, the AirVisual platform collects data from the largest network of ground-based sensors worldwide and combines it with data relevant to wherever you are right here and now, providing the most accurate, actionable, and reliable air quality information possible, no matter what you need it for: fitness, health, education, smart home integration, or travel. And all data points are validated using artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure data that you and your users can trust.

Weather and air quality data

Be the source for local air quality and weather information. Inform your users and your community with a real-time, pop-up air quality forecast.




How to get a widget

Here's what you need to do to get your own AirVisual widget:


1. Go to


2. Use your existing AirVisual account, or sign up for a new account by clicking Sign Up > enter your desired credentials > Sign Up.


3. On the AirVisual homepage, click on your profile image at the top right of the screen > click Widgets from the drop-down menu.


4. Copy the widget API in the field labeled To create a route.


5. Paste the widget API into your own website’s code to integrate the widget into your website’s user interface where desired.


6. Congratulations! You have successfully integrated an AirVisual widget into your website, and your website visitors can view real-time local air quality.



Why should I get a widget?



real time


Updated air pollution and weather information



By accessing AirVisual data



Don't need to customize script



Free of charge



Our free air quality widget works on all platforms


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Configure your elgg air pollution widget

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