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Celebrating Swiss National Day

IQAir is a Swiss company and fiercely proud of it! Learn about Swiss National Day Holiday and why it's significant to Swiss culture.

To IQAir, Swiss Made is more than a label.

It’s an identity. A nationhood. A symbol of pride.

IQAir takes great pride in affixing “Swiss Made” to every one of its award-winning products that leave its factory floor on the shores of Lake Constance in Goldach, Switzerland – “Swiss-ness” is a deeply embedded part of IQAir’s identity as well as the identities of millions of Swiss people. 

And this year, on August 1, as with every year, Swiss National Day gives IQAir another reason to be fiercely proud of it.

What exactly is Swiss National Day?

Like IQAir, Switzerland’s 8.3 million residents declare their pride in being Swiss on this important holiday. 

Why is it such a big deal? Swiss National Day recognizes Switzerland’s symbolic birth as a nation from three cantons, or provinces, who united in 1291 to strengthen their alliance against the encroaching tyranny of Europe’s burgeoning medieval empires.

And that’s only the surface of just how significant Swiss National Day is to the people of Switzerland: the sense of what it means to be Swiss has over 700 years of unbroken history.

The more you know: A brief history of Switzerland

At its core, Swiss National Day is a celebration of Switzerland’s emergence as an independent confederacy, an alliance of otherwise independent states, in 1291, right at the tail end of what we now call the Middle Ages (or medieval times). 

This sounds mundane in a world where democracies are now (relatively) common, but let’s put the Swiss case in perspective.

In 1291, these kinds of unions were a big deal. 

During medieval times, when the Swiss confederation was born, Europe looked a whole lot different than it does today. Many of the powerhouse countries we know today, such as Germany, Italy, and France, were split into hundreds of tiny provinces, each run largely by a local lord or regional king who had limited influence (and remember that even today’s nations weren’t even independent countries until almost 1900).

And so the Swiss Confederacy was born. Other cantons would eventually join the confederacy – and as of today, Switzerland consists of 26 cantons who all celebrate Swiss nationhood every August 1st.

What do the Swiss do on Swiss National Day?

In keeping with the forward-thinking and fearless march into the unknown that led to their independence, the Swiss people associate being Swiss with living in a country with unlimited possibilities. 

In fact, Switzerland celebrates its diversity even in the halls of power: the country has four official languages (German, French, Italian, and Romansch, an indigenous language descended from Latin) and opens many national votes directly to the people so that the Swiss people can decide for themselves what laws they want to uphold or strike down.

This diverse, active community of Swiss people participate in some seriously patriotic celebrations on August 1. Festivities on Swiss National Day aren’t all that different from those you’d see during July 4th in the United States.

The Swiss love sausages and fireworks

Most Swiss gather with friends or family for all-day cookouts on Swiss National Day.

One common fixture at these barbecues is bratwurst, or sausage. But not just any sausage – each Swiss canton has a signature sausage. In IQAir’s own home canton of St. Gallen, the Olma sausage, made of veal, pork, and milk, reigns supreme. The Swiss are fiercely devoted to their local wurst – they’ll look at you funny if you don’t want their local specialty.

Then, when all the sausage eating and drinking begins to wind down, the day finishes off with fireworks, visible from almost anywhere in a village or city.

What does being Swiss mean to IQAir?

The Swiss Made label permeates everything we do. It’s not just a sticker or a brand: it’s a bold statement that drives our mission, our processes, and our philosophy.

We’re dedicated to quality.

Since 1981, we’ve been proud to place the Swiss Made label on every single one of our products.

From the award-winning HealthPro® Series to the radically inventive Atem® personal air purifier, we work tirelessly to ensure that all IQAir technology is at the forefront of our field in quality, innovation, and effectiveness. 

So join us in celebrating the Swiss identity that drives IQAir to make our products and our people rise above the rest so that we can all breathe clean air with each of the 25,000 breaths we take every day.

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