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A healthy home for Jaelyn

Jaelyn Marie Anderson was only 10 months old when she received a heart transplant in February 2013. Understandably, her family was anxious to get her home as quickly as possible so she could resume a normal life. To help make that possible, CNN host Anderson Cooper asked IQAir to step in and provide the medical-grade air quality Jaelyn would need before her doctors would let her go home.

But when IQAir’s Clean Air Team inspected the home, their high-tech air quality assessment equipment indicated the house was infested with mold behind the walls. This discovery set into motion “a chain of events that brought more than 25 subcontractors to the two bedroom house for a complete makeover,” reported the Tampa Bay Times.

For months, volunteer crews raced to strip away the drywall in the Anderson home, replacing rotted wood, old carpeting and even the roof. New kitchen counters were installed, and a new fence and landscaping. But most important of all was the installation of a new IQAir Perfect 16 whole-house air purifier that now continuously filters more than 95% of all the particles in the air throughout the home.

The Clean Air Team also installed an IQAir Air Quality Monitoring Station that allows the family to monitor the quality of Jaelyn’s indoor air at home 24/7.

Finally, Jaelyn and her parents returned home in September. The house was certified ready by the Clean Air Team, based on the results of their laser particle counter tests and other testing equipment. Family, friends and the media were on hand to record the tearful homecoming.

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