Groundbreaking Shanghai Bookstore Partners with IQAir
Groundbreaking Shanghai Bookstore Partners with IQAir
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Groundbreaking Shanghai bookstore partners with IQAir

Who doesn’t remember the joys of reading as a kid? 

As kids, many of us probably remember sitting on the floor of the library or bookstore, buried in the colorful magic of fantasy and science fiction, from the deep oceans to distant galaxies.

Kid reading a book

Some of us took that joy all the way to high school and college, enjoying long days and late nights devouring the latest bestseller or poring over textbooks in the library, from the time the school bell rang letting us out of class until the sun set, time quietly slipping away as words and knowledge filled our heads.

As we get older, full-time jobs and fast-paced responsibilities diminish the time we have to enjoy reading for pleasure. But nowadays, bookstores are increasingly attempting to keep pace with our lives and work, offering immersive experiences that provide a respite from the constant grind of work and give us a chance to experience that sense of childish wonderment yet again.

One such place for literature and art lovers is Sanlian Bookstore Readway in Shanghai, which officially opened in March of 2019.

Sanlian Book store

Located on the 4th and 5th floors of Shanghai Xin Tian Di square on Huaihai road, a popular gathering place, the new bookstore occupies nearly 1,000 square meters and sells more than 20,000 kinds of books. The shop also integrates the cultural and creative, with a boutique shop and coffee shop that provides busy urban workers with time to stop for lunch and enjoy a quiet space for reading.

IQAir, one of the world’s leading advocates of living quality life through clean air, also contributed to this wonderful reprieve with several Atem® personal air purifiers, arranged tastefully on a brightly lit reading table by an enormous window. As clean air gently and slowly breezes through, IQAir helps create a pure and quiet environment for readers.

HealthPro Plus in library

And next to the 14-meter spiral staircase, a IQAir HealthPro® 250 Plus protects the public space with clean air free of particulates, harmful chemicals, odors, bacteria, viruses, pollen, and other allergens with ultra-high efficiency purification removing up to of 99.97% of all airborne pollutants.

Between IQAir and Sanlian Book Store Readway, visitors can enjoy a quiet and clean space and guard their precious reading time with clean air and clear mind.

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