Care Resource is a community health center based in Miami, Florida that provides many medical services, from routine adult and pediatric care as well as preventative care services. A valuable community service, Care Resource has five healthcare centers in Little Havana, Miami Beach, Midtown, Fort Lauderdale and Oakland Park.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Care Resource became concerned about controlling airborne bacteria, viruses, mould spores and fungal spores, so they began to search for an optimal solution. Considering the safety of their patients, visitors and staff, the Care Resource building operations department began to seek innovative air filtration solutions that would help protect their facility. 

“Control of airborne microorganisms is of major importance in the medical setting,” said Jonathan Welsh, Associate Director of Development and Communications at Care Resource. “Because safety is our top priority, the health center was in need of an air purifier solution that was able to capture large contaminants in the air as well as virus-sized particles. We needed the solution quickly and determined that portable filtration was the fastest solution.”

According to Mr. Welsh, IQAir air purification has features that are important to occupational health and safety requirements in medical settings. As Care Resource navigates and increases safety processes during the COVID-19 pandemic, air purification provides a healthier and more pleasant environment for patients, staff and visitors, and this is what IQAir provides. Economically, Mr. Welsh also said that IQAir air filtration is relevant as a preventative infection control measure.

When Care Resource was asked what they would tell someone or a business that is considering buying an air purifier, the response was emphatic.

“IQAir is the best you will find and worth every penny.”