AirVisual Pro

"Jeepney" in Philippines

Revealing the Invisible: Unioil in the Philippines

Philippines-based petroleum company, Unioil, may seem, on the surface, an unlikely supplier of the largest air quality monitoring network in the Philippines, but their unique position is helping to promote cleaner air and behavior changes across the country by tackling one of the primary sources: vehicular emissions.

Pollution in Nigeria

Revealing the invisible: Rafael in Nigeria

For the very first time, air quality data from Nigeria is reported in real-time and broadcast live to the world. Rafael, the proactive citizen behind the installation, explains what he sought to achieve by implementing his AirVisual Pro as a public outdoor monitoring station.

Pollution in Mexico City

Revealing the invisible: Raul in Mexico

We start in Mexico, where clean air enthusiast Raul has implemented a network of six AirVisual Pro air monitoring stations spanning Monterrey to Mexico City in an effort to increase local air quality awareness.