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Most polluted air quality stations

#stationUS AQI
1 MKE FreshAir - Rufus King




3 Love My Air Wisconsin: Hopkins Lloyd School


4 Love My Air Wisconsin: Westside Academy


5 Love My Air Wisconsin: Allen-Field Elementary


6 Love My Air Wisconsin: Browning School


7 Love My Air Wisconsin: Lincoln Avenue School


8 Milwaukee West College Avenue (Near Road)


9 East Euclid Avenue


10 MKE FreshAir - Grasslyn Manor


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Do air quality maps show consistent pollution readings in Milwaukee?

When using air quality maps to gain a level of insight into what is happening with the current air pollution levels, the maps can aid greatly in showing consistent, and up-to-date readings of the air pollution levels throughout Milwaukee as well as surrounding cities. With many air quality monitoring stations and facilities throughout the area, the air pollution maps and air quality maps are being constantly fed data regarding the US AQI levels present in the city, and as such the air pollution readings can be considered as being very much up to date. Whilst Milwaukee and indeed every city throughout the world have their relevant city page on the IQAir website, the air quality map pages are unique in the way they can show which areas of the city are the most polluted, where current spikes in pollution levels are occurring, as well as where the cleanest areas are.

Air quality maps in Milwaukee can therefore show you which areas are best avoided, at what times throughout the day and over the course of the year, which is particularly useful for those with a sensitive disposition towards air pollution, those with pre-existing health conditions, as well as those that are conscious about keeping their exposure to air pollution to an absolute minimum. The air quality maps show the pollution levels across Milwaukee in the form of US AQI, or the air quality index that adheres to the United States standard. This standard is far more stringent than ones found in other areas of the world, and as such is one of the best classification standards to go by due to the US AQI readings giving a much clearer picture of how polluted (or clean) the air in any given area is.

Can air pollution maps help to prevent pollution-related illnesses in Milwaukee?

When the US AQI readings across the city of Milwaukee are shown to be high, or approaching levels whereby health conditions may start to present themselves, the use of air quality maps can help individuals to safeguard their health, and by avoiding pollution hotspots as shown on the air quality map, avoid any unnecessary illnesses, many of which are preventable. Some conditions that can be prevented when high pollution exposure is avoided from utilizing air quality maps include ones such as infections of the throat, chest and generally the whole of the respiratory tract. Irritation to the mucous membranes can occur, along with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) potentially occurring. Some conditions that fall under the COPD bracket include asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. These can have their severity lessened by using the air pollution maps to avoid areas that have high US AQI readings, preventing flare-ups amongst those already suffering from these or other similar illnesses in Milwaukee.

Are air quality maps helpful for daily life in Milwaukee?

As was mentioned in the first question, air quality maps in Milwaukee can help individuals in their daily life when they wish to avoid areas of high pollution, or keep an eye out for sudden spikes in the US AQI readings. Other ways in which they are helpful is in aiding certain decisions in day-to-day activities, which may include knowing when is the best time to undertake outdoor activities, particularly more strenuous ones such as jogging or other outdoor sports. If one runs through an area that has a higher level of pollution shown on the air quality map, the deep breaths taken can allow much higher quantities of extremely harmful pollutants to enter the lungs, and even into the bloodstream, causing a myriad of health issues, some of which were also mentioned in the question above.

Other ways in which air quality maps may be helpful are in determining a clear picture of which areas of Milwaukee have the worst levels of pollution, consistently throughout the year. When air pollution maps show high readings over the course of the year, a multitude of sources are likely coming together to form these high readings, and as such the US AQI reading is likely to stay high in this area year after year. This may include areas such as highways or even houses that are located near to roads that have a high volume of traffic, particularly during rush hour times. Air quality map readings can also show elevated readings near industrial sites and other similar facilities (even construction sites and road repairs can contribute to the US AQI level shown on the air quality maps due to their release of many larger, or ultrafine fine particles into the atmosphere, not to mention fumes given off from heavy machinery). Decisions on where to live can also be made using the air quality maps, as families that have members with health issues (particularly of the pulmonary or cardiac variety) would benefit greatly from living in areas that are shown to be clean throughout the year on the air pollution maps.

Of course, in the event of natural disasters such as wildfires, the air quality map will tend towards showing extremely high readings throughout the entire city, with the US AQI classifications shooting up to unhealthy ratings and beyond (all of which are color-coded for ease of recognition, either when referring to the city pages or the air quality map pages). As such, air pollution maps can help many different people living in Milwaukee to avoid excessive pollution exposure and allow them to make more informed decisions, due to the prevalence of the air quality monitoring facilities and the readings they are constantly feeding into the air quality maps data.

What can air quality maps do to help vulnerable groups in Milwaukee stay safe from pollution exposure?

Air quality maps show where the pollution hotspots are within the city, and as touched on, there are certain groups of people within Milwaukee that are considered as being far more at-risk to pollution-related ailments and health issues, both chronic and acute. The presence of excessive amounts of pollution as shown on the air quality maps can cause pre-existing conditions to worsen, and in many cases may trigger off the condition in the first place. To go into further detail as to who belongs to these groups thus indicating how the air quality maps may benefit certain groups, they include the elderly citizens of Milwaukee. The elderly are particularly vulnerable to conditions of the respiratory tract, especially if there are any other comorbidity factors involved, such as individuals leading a sedentary or unhealthy lifestyle, along with smoking.

Other groups include young children and babies, both of whom are highly vulnerable to the effects of many chemical compounds and fine particles in the air, which can affect their mental and physical development, and may cause certain lifelong conditions to appear if their exposure to certain pollutants is consistent (as well as considering individual predisposition towards certain illnesses). Others are the ones previously mentioned, which are those with pre-existing health conditions, as well as those with compromised immune systems. Pregnant mothers can also benefit from the use of air quality maps to protect themselves and their unborn baby from pollution exposure in Milwaukee.

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