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Most polluted air quality stations

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1 Kalabhavan, Dharwad - KSPCB


2 Lingaraj Nagar, Hubballi - KSPCB


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How much information about air quality is there on the air pollution map for Hubli?

The air pollution map for Hubli can be found at the top of the main city page. Clicking on the map icon will open the page which is dedicated to providing all information about air quality in the region.

The first thing a viewer will notice is the intense colouration of the map. It is currently a very dark red which is a direct indication of the current air quality. The colours vary from pale green to dark maroon and the darker the colour means the worse air quality. These colours are standard across the entire IQAir website. The other noticeable thing will be the coloured discs which are dotted across the map. These represent the location of the ground-level air monitoring stations and can be explored more by selecting a disc and another page will open with information all about that particular area of the city.

These discs also display a number which is the United States Air Quality Index reading or US AQI for short. It is calculated by measuring the levels of up to six of the most prolific air pollutants found in city air. There are usually both sizes of Particulate Matter (PM2.5 and PM10), nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, ozone and carbon monoxide. Once established, it can then be used as a standard when making comparisons of air quality between different cities. It is thoroughly endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Looking back at the main city page, it can be seen that during November 2022, Hubli was experiencing a period of “Unhealthy” air with a US AQI reading of 153. This information is shown in the coloured banner that runs across the top of the page. There were four main pollutants measured but the main one was PM2.5 with a recorded level of 58.9 µg/m³. This figure is almost twelve times the suggested target figure of 5 µg/m³, as recommended by the WHO.

Scrolling down to below the air pollution map for Hubli can be seen the number of stations there are that supply the air quality data for the city. There are currently two stations which are supplied and operated by the local government departments which are the Central Pollution Control Board and the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu State Pollution Control Board AAQMS.

Is there more interesting information about air quality on the air pollution map for Hubli?

There is a lot more information available on the air pollution map for Hubli, but to make it all visible, the screen needs to be viewed at maximum size. This can easily be achieved by selecting the icon which appears at the top of the screen.

When viewed this way, there will be a list of four options that appear down the left-hand side of the screen. These can all be deactivated individually to get a better idea of the effects each one has on the map.

The first option shows the location of the ground-level air monitoring stations. Each can be individually selected to obtain more information about that specific area of the city.

The next option would show the location of any wildfires there are that are burning in the vicinity. At the end of November 2022, there were no icons on the map to show any fires burning out of control. If there were any fires burning, then option four needs to be consulted because it shows the speed and direction of the prevailing winds and will give a good indication of where the smoke will blow.

Option three is the most dramatic as it can change the colour of the map to reflect the current air quality. If some viewers find the colour to be too intense, the option can be deactivated and the map will then revert to a more subtle set of colours which will be easier to understand.

There is some more information on the right-hand side of the screen where a table will be seen. This table ranks world cities according to their levels of air pollution. Only seven are shown by default but the page can be further explored by opening the full ranking of all participating cities.

Is the source of the polluted air shown on the air pollution map for Hubli?

The source of the polluted air is not shown directly on the air pollution map for Hubli, however, the speed at which the population is increasing in the country is one of the biggest indicators of increasing air pollution. The biggest reason behind this is the indiscriminate use of natural resources. Earlier this problem was limited to the cities only, but now this problem is increasing in the villages. Due to the increasing population, there has also been a huge increase in industrialization. Due to providing employment to the people, the poisonous air coming out of the industry has polluted the air.

It can be said that the biggest reason for air pollution is the growing industries. The smoke coming out of it has polluted the air the most. This is the problem of most developing countries. Today many cities of India are above the risk mark due to the growing industry. It has become rare to breathe clean air in those cities.

How dangerous is PM2.5 which is often mentioned on the air pollution map for Hubli?

Pollution is particulate matter, a term from the English particulate matter, often called only by the acronym PM. It is a mixture of solid and liquid particles that are suspended in the air. Some of them, such as dust, soot and smoke, are large and/or dark and can even be seen with the naked eye. In contrast, some are so small that they can only be detected using an electron microscope.

Nine out of 10 of us breathe air containing levels of pollutants that exceed the limits set by the World Health Organization (WHO). Furthermore, air pollution is also inextricably linked to climate change as pollutants such as methane, black carbon and ground-level ozone have a greater impact on global warming.

PM2.5 are fine particles of 2.5 microns or less in diameter, invisible to the naked eye, although noticeable as fog in highly polluted areas, present indoors and outdoors. PM2.5 particles come from impure fuels used for cooking or heating, agricultural waste, industrial activities, transportation, and windblown dust, among other sources.

The particles penetrate deep into the lungs and bloodstream, increasing the risk of death from heart and lung disease, stroke and cancer. They can be emitted directly or formed in the atmosphere from the emission of different pollutants such as ammonia and volatile organic compounds.

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