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The Sears Family

The Sears Family: Keeping daughter's recovery on track with IQAir

Jhyrve Sears, 18, was undergoing stem cell therapy after being diagnosed with Krabbe Disease, a rare genetic disorder that attacks the immune system. Under doctors' orders, Jhyrve could only come home to a house that was certified completely free of bacteria, viruses and allergens. The “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” team built a house for the Sears Family but tapped IQAir to supply an air purification system that would allow Jhyrve to come home. A CleanZone® HVAC system combined with a GC™ MultiGas System air purifier to eliminate dangerous chemicals in the air did the job, and Jhyrve was allowed to rejoin her family as she recovered.

IQAir system(s) selected by The Sears Family: GC MultiGas , CleanZone

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For many people mold, bacteria, and allergens in their homes can be harmful – for Jhyrve Sears they could be fatal.

Life changed for Jhyrve 17, when she was diagnosed with Krabbe Disease, a rare genetic disorder that attacks the nervous system. Krabbe is usually fatal, and most patients diagnosed with the disease die within two years. Jhyrve was given an experimental stem cell transplant.

What lie ahead for Jhyrve, though, was a long and lonely recovery. The chemotherapy that made her life saving treatment possible had destroyed her immune system.

Extreme Makeover was facing its biggest challenge ever. For Jhyrve's to be able to leave the hospital her doctor said she would need a home that was completely free of bacteria, viruses, and allergens. The slightest cold or virus, something a healthy person could easily resist, could be fatal to Jhyrve.

IQAir consulted with Extreme Makeover on what would be required to build a proper hospital sterile environment in a home. IQAir President, Frank Hammes, flew in from Switzerland for the installation of Jhyrve's CleanZone® HVAC air filtration system. IQAir also placed GC™ MultiGas systems in the home. Jhyrve needed to be protected from chemicals as well as particulate. IQAir's GC MultiGas systems are the world's most powerful and efficient chemical absorption filters.

After the installation of the CleanZone HVAC and GC MultiGas systems were complete came the most critical step in the process. IQAir needed to certify that Jhyrve's house was safe for her return. The IQAir team conducted an indoor air quality inspection of the entire home. The air tests showed that the installation and design of the home were a complete success. The air in Jhyrve's new home was actually cleaner than it had been when she was in the hospital.

IQAir notified the Extreme Makeover staff that Jhyrve could now come home.

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