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IQAir reminds Americans to focus on the real dangers in the air we breathe

SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif. (APRIL 1, 2011) - There are many good reasons to own a high-performance air purification system. Protection in North America against radioactive fallout from the nuclear accident in Japan is not one of them at this time, says Glory Dolphin, CEO of IQAir North America.

"In fact," says Dolphin, "Americans are at far greater risk of developing a variety of serious physical ailments, from asthma to heart attacks and cancer, as a result of common pollutants in the air we breathe every day."

Air pollution kills as many as 60,000 Americans every year, according to air quality researchers. A study in 2010 by the California Air Resources Board, based on EPA data, puts the annual premature death rate from fine-particle air pollution at 9,200 for California alone. Diesel-particle air pollution is associated with 410,000 asthma attacks, 27,000 heart attacks and nearly 3,000 early lung-cancer deaths every year, studies confirm.

By comparison, U.S. public health agencies say the level of radiation from Japan, confirmed by radiation monitors in the United States, is hundreds of thousands to millions of times below levels of public concern.

"People are understandably concerned when they hear about any level of radiation in the air," says Dolphin. "They care about the safety of their families and loved ones.

"Considering the miniscule levels of radiation from Japan detected in North America so far, we consider it irresponsible that some companies would take advantage of unwarranted fears of radiation to try to sell products for nuclear fallout at this time," says Dolphin. "The fact is, there are real and powerful killers in the air we breathe every day in the U.S. and Canada. And that's where our attention belongs."

In Japan, of course, the situation is very different. High-performance air purifiers can play a significant role in reducing the risk of exposure to dangerously elevated levels of radioactive particles. IQAir is currently working with local dealers in Japan to offer advice on how to use air purification to minimize the risks from radioactive fallout in affected areas.

IQAir North America, Inc., based in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., is a member of the Switzerland-based IQAir Group that develops, manufactures and markets advanced air quality products for indoor environments around the globe. IQAir North America is the exclusive educational partner of the American Lung Association for the air purification industry to raise awareness on indoor air quality issues.

(MEDIA NOTE: For more information contact Joe Rookard in public relations at IQAir, 562-903-7600 x1115, by cell at 562-204-9379, or via email at

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