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CleanZone® SL

Full-featured stand-alone power.

The CleanZone SL redefines advanced high-capacity air purification.

Full-featured power.

Air Change Optimization Technology

Advanced microfiber filtrationIn designing the CleanZone SL air purifier, IQAir engineers carefully studied airflow patterns including the intake, fan, filtration media, and outlet in an effort to minimize turbulence and create the quietest airflow pattern possible. The result was IQAir’s Air Change Optimization (ACO) Technology, representing the most advanced system ever to deliver quiet and efficient filtration of air with ultra-low noise characteristics. By applying ACO technology to the CleanZone SL, IQAir engineers were able to produce more clean air (up  to 600 cfm) with less noise (less than 45 dB(A) than ever before thought possible for a high-performance air purifier.

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Advanced Micro-Fiber filtration

The CleanZone SL features Advanced Micro-Fiber (AMF) filtration technology. AMF fibers are 10 times thinner than conventional filter fibers. This allows air to easily pass through the filtration media while the ultrafine threads create an almost impenetrable barrier for pollution particles. AMF filter technology in the CleanZone SL allows the air to pass through the filtration media with less resistance and turbulence, adding to the CleanZone SL’s ultra-low noise performance.











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CleanZone SL Accessories

CleanZone SL accessoriesA variety of accessories for the IQAir CleanZone SL increase the flexibility and adaptability of this powerful air purifier. An optional silencer system can be added to the air outlet of the CleanZone SL to make what is already the quietest high-performance stand-alone air purifier even quieter. Casters can be added to the base to make the CleanZone SL transportable within the environment. Anti-tampering accessories also make the CleanZone SL even safer to use in any environment.





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Economical, low-maintenance operation

Economical, low-maintenance operationThe CleanZone SL requires only 100 watts of electricity, which is about the same as a conventional light bulb. It costs only a few cents a day to clean the air in environments up to 9,000 square feet. The powerful IQAir CleanZone SL fan is maintenance-free, so there’s no cost to keep your CleanZone fine-tuned.



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Expert support, installation

Your IQAir CleanZone SL can be installed and supported by a team of IQAir technicians as needed. IQAir's installers can set the fan speed of your CleanZone SL based on the requirements of the site and they can expertly mount the system to the wall. The IQAir personnel can also establish a secure and appropriate power supply for the CleanZoneSL. The performance of a system after installation can be verified by the IQAir team using a handheld laser particle counter to measure air contaminants at the inlet and outlet.


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