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New link found between air pollution and Alzheimer’s

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Air pollution may play a role in depression

IQAir and the American Lung Association

IQAir is the exclusive educational partner of the ALA for the air purifier industry. We share a commitment to helping the public connect clean air and lung health.

All IQAir air purification systems are 100% ozone free, and clean the air of particles of all sizes through safe mechanical particle filtration – the only air cleaning technology recommended by the American Lung Association. “IQAir is a natural partner that shares our commitment to protecting the public from polluted indoor air,” said Charles D. Connor, president of the American Lung Association, when the partnership was announced. The exclusive partnership combines the American Lung Association’s more than 100-year commitment to protecting lung health with IQAir’s commitment to air cleaning excellence for more than 50 years.

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